The Good Earth Discussion Schedule

Happy New Year classic readers!!! I’m Andi from Estella’s Revenge, and when Heather approached me to lead discussion during a quarter this year, I was surprised and delighted! It took no time at all to decide on Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth. It was, by far, my favorite classic I read in 2010, and I have no hesitation about re-reading it with you all again this year. 

A brief introduction: February will be my 6th year of blogging. There have certainly been lots of ups and downs in that time, but I always come back to books and to my blog friends. In my daily life, I’m the Program Chair for General Education at a career college in Dallas. My department covers language, math, sciences, social sciences, communications, and all the other “basic” college courses. I also teach composition and literature courses. You might think I’d be really well-suited to lead a discussion of classics, but I’m not so sure!!! The classroom discussion is quite different from the online discussion, but I’m really excited to try!

While I’ve read my share of classics in school over the years, I’m constantly struggling to bring more classics into my fun reading, and The Good Earth is a perfect balance of the fulfilling classic with supreme readability. It’s just a great story, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.

To give everyone time to gather their books, I’ve decided to start discussion in mid-February. Maybe that will give us all enough time to recover from the holiday season and get some books under our belts and ready for some discussion.

The discussion will be split into four parts:

  • February 14th, Chapters 1-9 (Happy Valentine’s Day!)
  • February 21st, Chapters 10-19
  • February 28th, Chapters 20-28
  • March 7th, Chapters 29-34

So there we have it! I hope you’ll dig up an old loved copy of The Good Earth, or maybe you’ll go out and buy a brand new one. Either way, it’s worth the journey into China’s past.