Welcome To We Have Always Lived In The Castle!

Hey everyone!! My name is Chris, and I’ve been asked to host the Classic Reads Book Club in the fourth quarter read this year! I can’t tell you how honored I was just to be asked and then how terrified I was. You see, I really have no idea what I’m doing over here, so please be gentle :p I promise to try my best though!

A little introduction, I blog over at Stuff as Dreams are Made on and have been doing that on one platform or another for almost four years now. When I started blogging, I read almost exclusively fantasy, sci-fi and horror, but my reading tastes have broadened tremendously since I’ve been blogging!! But there is always that special place in my heart for the previously mentioned category. So when I was asked to host this book club, my thoughts wandered over that way. And they fell upon this book by Shirley Jackson that I have been wanting to read for years now! And it’s quite a short book, but from what I’ve heard, it packs quite the punch in it’s slim volume.

I can’t wait to discover what lies between the covers with you all! I’m really quite excited about this πŸ™‚ Here’s the schedule that I’ve worked out for us:

October 18th – 24th: Read and Discuss Chapters 1&2

October 25th – 31st: Read and Discuss Chapters 3-5

November 1st – 7th: Read and Discuss Chapters 6-8

November 8th – 14th: Read and Discuss Chapters 9&10 and Wrap Up πŸ˜€

I’ll put the posts up over here on either the night before discussion begins or first thing in the morning. Since I’m not a morning person at all, it’ll likely be the night before :p Hope everyone enjoys!! Happy spooky reading to you all!!