The Handmaid’s Tale Wrap Up

My sincerest apologies! I had troubles with the website two weeks ago and wasn’t able to post my questions, so I saved them and was going to try at work but forgot. 😦 Then I was going to post last week and just forgot because I put the book where I couldn’t see it. Ugh! Bad moderator!

So I thought we could take this opportunity and just wrap up with some thoughts about the book. I have some specific questions that you should still be able to answer, and some more general questions about the book.

The Commander says, “Better never means better for everyone. It always means worse, for some.” Do you think this society is better for anyone?

What do you think Offred means when she says, “We were both feeling miserable. How were we to know we were happy, even then.”

What do you think Offred’s motivation was to record all of this?

Jeanne suggested this great question: What is your first reaction to hearing Prof Pieixoto say “we must be cautious about passing moral judgment upon the Gildeadeans” and what is your more considered reaction?

Is objectivity really necessary when studying the Gileadeans?

What did you think of The Handmaid’s Tale as a whole? Did it make you look at anything different? Did it scare you in any way?

I just wanted to thank everyone for reading The Handmaid’s Tale with me and participating in the discussions! You had fantastic insights that made me look at the story in a whole new way. I was worried I’d be talking to myself during this, and I’m glad that didn’t happen. 🙂