The Handmaid’s Tale, Sections I-IV, Discussion 2

Sorry I’m a little late getting this posted!

I read all the comments to the previous discussion thread, and I want to play a little devil’s advocate.

In talking about freedom from, isn’t there a certain amount of comfort in that? Certainly, freedom from can have its benefits. For example, some people who go to prison want to stay in prison partly for the freedom from. And isn’t that one of the benefits of a burqa? Freedom from leering men? So before we dismiss the time during The Handmaid’s Tale as undesirable, let’s talk about the benefits of freedom from.

The other thing I wanted to explore more is whether censorship is okay. The women in The Handmaid’s Tale were burning pornography, something that is often talked about as repressive. I’m sure when the women burned the magazines, they felt freer. If censoring makes you feel freer, how do you know when/if it’s wrong?

You could combine the two questions and ask why might more restrictions would make people feel freer.