A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Book 2 Discussion 2

From Sparks Notes: (lazy I know, but I like their summary of chapters 13-14)

The Nolans have to move from their house on Lorimer Street after being disgraced by a two incidents involving Sissy. First, Sissy finds a bright new tricycle on the street, and gives Francie and Neeley a ride. The tricycle belongs to a child in the neighborhood, whose mother is furious, and calls Sissy a robber. Instead of getting Sissy in trouble, the officer on duty is charmed by Sissy’s sexy figure, and allows her to keep playing. All of the neighbors see the officer acting silly in his lust.

The second incident happens when Sissy comes over to spend time with Francie and Neeley on her day off. She brings a cigar box and tissue paper, and the three of them spend all afternoon decorating the box with a tissue-paper heart. The children are upset when she has to leave. Searching for a distraction, she gives them a box, telling them it is filled with cigarettes and not to open it. The children shake the box. Knowing there are no cigarettes inside, they argue over whether the contents are worms or snakes. When they find condoms inside (which the narrator calls “balloons” at the beginning of the chapter), they tie them together and hang the string out their window.

Katie and her sister, Evy decide that Sissy will not be allowed at either of their houses.

Francie observes more than once that women seem to hate other women and that men stick together.  Is this an accurate assessment of the way things are protrayed in the novel?